Why Crown Light Bulbs Are The Ultimate Metallic Interior Must Have

Why Crown Light Bulbs Are The Ultimate Metallic Interior Must Have

BLT Direct, the UK’s leading light bulb distributor, is shining a light on its latest range of metallic ‘dipped’ crown light bulbs, highlighting how they are the perfect way to complement any gold or silver filled home. Featuring the classic ‘GLS’ light bulb style, with the largest end coated in thick gold and silver the range, produced Calex, can easily stand alone as prominent piece of home décor, making a stylish impact without the need  for additional lampshades.

There are certain interior trends that will forever withstand the test of time. And just as ditzy floral prints and the French, vintage style will always have an appeal, the use of popular metallic textures is certain to be seen in contemporary interior projects for years to come. While elements such as picture frames, table legs and even lamp bases have been commonly used to add a glimmer to a room’s interior, this collection of Calex crown gold and silver dipped light bulbs offer a new, unique way to pay homage to this look.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct explained, “Many people have come across these metallic crown style light bulbs but aren’t sure what they are for. However, especially with metal tones being tipped as a hot trend for 2017, now is the time to embrace them! They work best when placed in wall lamp fittings, but can be used as a soft, decorative source of light anywhere around the home.”

While the metallic dipped edge adds aesthetic effect to the light bulb, it also acts as a shade to the light’s glow. Reflecting the light back onto the wall, it creates an elegant, subtle lighting solution that is as practical as it is stylish.

By removing the need for a lamp shade entirely, the beauty of these light bulbs and their decorative result are left to be enjoyed entirely. With these contemporary crown light bulbs, it is easy to update any room with a subtle nod towards the metallic trend.

BLT Direct stocks its Calex LED crown light bulbs in GLS and golfball styles, with gold or silver tips to choose from. Using long lasting LED lighting technology, each beautiful bulb will glow for up to 15,000 hours, removing the need to regularly replace these decorative lighting solutions.

Browse the full range of metallic crown light bulbs and more online at: www.bltdirect.com