Cult celebrity facial comes to a leading Nottingham clinic straight from Hollywood

Cult celebrity facial comes to a leading Nottingham clinic straight from Hollywood

Medical Cosmetics, a leading West Bridgford clinic providing aesthetic beauty and health treatments, is now offering a cult facial loved by Hollywood A-listers to the city’s beauty fans.

The Vampire Facial sees blood from a person’s body re-injected into their face, with many beauty gurus heralding the treatment as better than a facelift.

An excellent anti-ageing treatment that encourages a silky smooth, youthful complexion, the vampire facial has become a firm favourite of celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Rupert Everett and a wide range of high-profile models looking to give their skin a boost.

The treatment works by harvesting a small amount of the client’s blood which is then put through an innovative incubation process to draw out the plasma for enhancing fresh-faced, natural beauty.

Despite its name, the vampire facial is completely safe, with the procedure looking a lot more painful than it actually is. The facial is also useful for treating a wide range of skin complaints and is suitable for patients of all ages.

Increasing the blood flow in the face is key to the success of the much-loved trending vampire facial, making it ideal for men and women who are wishing to achieve a glowing complexion. For those wanting to turn back time and tackle wrinkles, the innovative treatment also helps to boost the production of collagen giving plump and super smooth skin with less visible lines.

Vampire facials are also an excellent way to combat acne, dull skin, dark under-eye circles and even stretch marks, making it an ideal treatment for clients of any age.

Dr Asher Siddiqi, the Aesthetic & Health Specialist at Medical Cosmetics said, “The vampire facial treatment has been making big waves in Hollywood and beyond thanks to its exceptional anti-ageing and skin enhancing abilities.

“As a qualified medical practitioner with a team of experienced and qualified staff, we want to offer our clients this new treatment to help them meet their beauty goals this year.”

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