Customizable card game launches to teach techy kids about the basics of programming

Customizable card game launches to teach techy kids about the basics of programming

Computer wizzes and young geniuses with an interest in the complexities of programming will now be able to learn about the ins and outs of the process with an interactive card game that requires them to go head to head with like-minded opponents.

Robogram is a customizable card game that merges learning with competitive fun and gives players the chance to engage in epic battles where they are required to bring down their competitor’s firewall and crash their servers.

As cards fly and the game becomes more challenging and intricate, children will also develop an understanding for the way in which computer systems work and will have the opportunity to write their own programs, which can then be critically examined by others.

The starter kit from Robogram comes complete with 72 poker-sized cards and also includes two specially made ‘Kickstarter cards’, which have been designed to celebrate the launching of the game on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, which focuses primarily on creative endeavours. These one-of-a-kind cards are entirely unique and will not be printed again.

Kornel Farkas, Software Developer said: “Computer programming is a complex area to understand, especially for children, so this game was designed to be fun first and then educational.

“The game is fast-paced and dynamic, ensuring that players are kept on their toes and continue to learn while they are playing. For the game, each player will select a ‘program deck’ which is unique and expandable, with each one being named after the attributes of a typical programming language.

“To win, a player will be required to program their robot to attack their opponents firewall and server, while at the same time maintaining their own firewall and protecting their own servers. The game features beautifully crafted cards and has been designed to give children advantages in real-life scenarios when it comes to programming.”

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