Cyber Host Pro Unveils New Branding and Improved Customer Support Commitment

Cyber Host Pro Unveils New Branding and Improved Customer Support Commitment

A leading UK based business that has been providing essential support for small businesses for over 15 years has unveiled its new, modern look. The rebrand coincides with the firm taking steps to improve the level of support its customers receive, building on an already successful approach that’s led to a stellar reputation.

Chris Danks, Director of Cyber Host Pro, said, “Our previous logo and design was over a decade old and in an industry that’s continually evolving, we felt it was necessary to give Cyber Host Pro a fresh, new image, reflecting the services we offer our customers. We’ve always been committed to delivering our customers with reliable solutions they know they can rely on and utilise the latest technological innovations, our new branding new captures this.”

It isn’t just the image of Cyber Host Pro that’s improved either. The business has also expanded its 24-hour support team, which now boasts a typical 15-minute response time to support tickets and a 24-hour live chat feature as standard. The exceptional customer support, which is included in all monthly membership fees, guarantees their users of Cyber Host Pro’s services can quickly resolve any problems they may encounter.

Danks added, “We’ve been specialising in helping small businesses across the UK and around the world access the super-fast web space they need to thrive since inception. The improvements we’ve recently made to our customer service team aims to build on that. We want our customers to know they have experts on hand whenever they need them, no matter what time of day it is. Web space has become essential for running business operations across the majority of industries, we provide dedicated, reliable, and affordable services that are perfect for growing businesses.”

With a range of services, Cyber Pro Host is ideal for growing businesses that want the flexibility to scale their web services when they need to. Website hosting prices with Cyber Pro Host start from just £2.99 per month, ideal for start-ups, while businesses that require services that are capable of handling heavy loads can access dedicated services from just £99 per month.

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