Data Memory Systems Advises Computer Users to Protect Themselves from Cloud Hacks

Data Memory Systems Advises Computer Users to Protect Themselves from Cloud Hacks

There may not have been a mass Cloud hack for a while, but that doesn’t mean The Cloud is any more secure than it once was. And one of America’s leading suppliers of computer memory and computer accessories, has reiterated this point and advised computer users to ensure their documents and files are kept safe and secure – away from Cloud hacks.

Data Memory Systems, which celebrates its 30th year of trading this year, is all too familiar with hacks and what impact that can have on individuals and businesses. And despite Cloud storage boasting encryptions and all the latest security, sophisticated hackers are just waiting to find a back door into these systems and wreak havoc with data. But there is one way to prevent sensitive and confidential data from going missing – by keeping all this information offline.

A spokesperson from Data Memory Systems, said, “At DMS we understand the benefits of The Cloud for both individuals and businesses, but we are also very aware of the downsides to these modern ways of storing information.”

For data that needs to be shared between people in different locations, The Cloud obviously brings its benefits. But for any information that could cause destruction should it fall into the wrong hands, keeping it stored safely on both internal and external hard drives is the most sensible way forward.

Ensuring data is away from hackers and prying eyes, hard drives also boast another great benefit – providing added peace of mind. Doubling up the storage also ensures that should disaster strike and a computer fail, there’s a backup option ready with all the files and folders needed, ready and waiting.

DMS boasts one of the largest ranges of computer memory available online. From internal memory upgrades to external hard drives, the company is a one-stop-shop for computer needs across the US.

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