Data Memory Systems Excited By Next Gen DDR5 RAM

Data Memory Systems Excited By Next Gen DDR5 RAM

DDR4 may have just appeared in the tech world, but there’s set to be a new RAM on the block next year, in the shape of DDR5.

The latest RAM is set to be infinitely faster than the current DDR4 and previous DDR3, meaning hard-core computer users will get more clout from their machines. And Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ most prevalent suppliers of computer memory, has welcomed the developments with open arms, noting that the industry is getting more responsive to changes and developments than ever before.

A spokesperson from Data Memory System, said, “Having been in the computer memory industry for three decades, we’ve seen first-hand the developments. However over the last five years or so, we’ve noticed that these developments are happing more frequently, with more and more new products hitting the market in record time. Computers have come such a long way from what they were just a decade ago, with faster and more robust hard drives, impressive graphics cards, and of course speedier RAM. And we celebrate this wholeheartedly.”

The DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5) promises double the memory bandwidth and density of DDR4, while also claiming to be more power-efficient than its predecessors. Set to overhaul the RAM industry, it will almost certainly push competitors to improve their offerings in order to compete.

Demand for DRAM capacity and bandwidth continues to grow within the sector. Demanding memory solutions are cost effective and don’t drain power, all while ensuring enhanced performance, companies have been pushed to create better, more user-friendly, and speedier memory than ever before.

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