David Michigan Returns to the Big Screen in Highly Anticipated Horror Sequel

David Michigan Returns to the Big Screen in Highly Anticipated Horror Sequel

There’s good news for the 12 million+ social media users following heartthrob fitness and wellness guru David Michigan: the muscular icon will be taking centre stage later this year in a terrifying sequel to one of 2017’s scariest movies, bringing the mystery of one eerie South American ghost town to life.

Known as the ‘French Aquaman’ for his uncanny resemblance to the comic book hero made famous by Jason Mamoa, Parisian-born Michigan will star in the Argentinian horror ‘What the Waters Left Behind: Scars’; the story of a fictional indie rock band who find themselves stranded in the real life abandoned town of Epecuen which was devastated by flooding in 1985. Fans will easily recognise Michigan in the upcoming movie by his telltale physique, sprawling chest tattoo, and stunning Native American features.

Shot in Argentina, this is the second installment in the highly acclaimed horror movie series ‘What the Waters Left Behind’ the first of which follows a group of young documentary filmmakers as they explore the abandoned village. The Onetti brothers were awarded the ‘Best Promising Directors’ award for the original at the 2017 Sitges festival in Spain, and Nicolas Onetti has once again returned to direct the new instalment alongside Matias Salinas (‘Omen’).

Michigan has built up a well-earned reputation in the fitness and personal development industries over the past years, known for his inspirational and motivational speeches and coaching courses offered through his own growth platform, Michigan Academy. However, while Michigan is primarily known amongst his loyal fan base for his successful modelling and coaching career, he is certainly no stranger to the big screen. In fact, Michigan can also be seen in the upcoming Italian movie Elohim, produced by Paolo Veglio.

‘What the Waters Left Behind: Scars’ premiered at the 50th Sitges festival in 2021 to thrilled audiences and almost unprecedented positivity. And fans of Michigan won’t have to wait too much longer to catch a glimpse of the star in action, with Co-Production companies Minerva Pictures and Black Mandala Films confirming the movie will be released worldwide in May 2022.

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