Dawnvale completes stunning renovation of iconic Nantwich restaurant and bar

Dawnvale completes stunning renovation of iconic Nantwich restaurant and bar

Dawnvale, a leader in the restaurant design and fit out industry, has completed its latest integrated design installation by transforming Nantwich’s historic Residence Restaurant and Bar.

The opulent mansion house was home to the Lord Mayor of London in the 1600s – today, it’s a multi-award-winning cocktail and dining destination which has been given an elegant new look in keeping with its storied roots.

Dawnvale Managing Director Neil Guest said: “It was a privilege for us to work with the Residence team to bring their vision for an updated space to life. The fact that this was once the residence of The Lord Mayor of London, Edmund Wright, speaks volumes about the class of the building. This character was certainly something we wanted to retain as we completed the renovation.

“Time was a big challenge for us on this project; we began the renovation on 03 July and were given a completion target of 19 September with some very advanced renovations and fixes to complete within that period. The work was completed on-time and to a high standard, leaving our client delighted with their upgraded venue. The new Residence Restaurant and Bar is a truly stunning space with a large mirrored dining room and beautiful open terraces upstairs.”

In order to maximize The Residence’s capabilities without losing its cultured character, Dawnvale converted the venue’s courtyard into a stylish restaurant and bar. New walls and a new roof structure with alluring decorative beams were added. In keeping with Dawnvale’s reputation for intelligent design, the larger space was made possible by raising the existing floor level 1200mm to accommodate the renovation. The new courtyard fuses style and comfort without compromising on operational layout.

All of the extension and ground work for the project was completed by 5 September, with the fitting-out process then taking place. Lavish new seating was installed and the interiors decorated in keeping with the sumptuous spirit that The Residence epitomizes. Dawnvale also collaborated with renowned Manchester architectural design company Paul Damson Imagineering during the renovation process.

Ben Rafferty, The Residence Managing Director, said: “Dawnvale did the original design and fit out some 11 years ago and their level of expertise has gone up another level.

“Their industry operational knowledge makes a huge difference to how we built the space and how it works for our business. I would not build another restaurant without them. Proactive, professional, and knowledgeable sum Dawnvale up.”

In addition to restaurant design and fit out, Dawnvale also specializes in bar design and build, home bar builds, commercial kitchen installation, fabrication and resource and design.

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Residence Bar and Restaurant, visit: http://www.residence.uk.com/