The demand for handmade products increases as shoppers search for uniqueness and brand stories

The demand for handmade products increases as shoppers search for uniqueness and brand stories

Consumer interest in everything handmade is continuing to grow as individuals source goods that can offer them the one-of-a-kind appeal often lacking in mainstream store’s products, according to craft marketplace, Made From Home.

Handmade shopping has been increasing in popularity in recent years, fuelled in vast part by the introduction of online marketplaces like Made From Home. Such sites enable shoppers to browse goods from a plethora of makers, many of which are marketed as gifts to buy for loved ones and children.

A survey conducted by Ask Your Target Market revealed that 81% of respondents chose to purchase handmade goods because they could get items that were truly unique. 51% cited supporting small businesses as another factor that encourages them to choose handmade goods.

Louise Boyse, Director of Made From Home said, “With mass production flooding high street stores and offering shoppers goods displaying little or no originality, it’s no surprise that many are being captured by the appeal of handmade goods.

“Whether it be jewellery, children’s clothing or homeware, handmade items enable people to invest in something of limited availability, meaning that they know they are getting an item that not many others have. This increases the sense of having something special and ensures that people really value and cherish the things that they own.

“Consumers are also keen to invest in businesses with strong brand stories, something that many small handmade businesses can offer. Most are run by individuals who have captured some of their own personal style and ideas and imprinted them onto the goods in their collection. This increase their uniqueness and often makes them relatable to shoppers.”

From the perspective of the handmade businesses, popularity in these endeavours could be increasing thanks to a shift in the way millennials are choosing to work. A Flexible Working report revealed that 26% of millennials would value the opportunity to work from home, something that small handmade businesses make a reality.

A growing interest in creativity is also intrinsic to the growth of the handmade market, with millennials being twice as likely as older generations to take an interest in creative tasks like knitting and artwork.

Made From Home unites avid crafters and shoppers in one place, making it easier than ever for people to find handmade goods that they love.

Keen to champion the hard work of crafters, particularly entrepreneurial women that often juggle work life with children, the site also gives business owners the opportunity to become partners on the site.

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