Dental care professionals launch online community to address common oral health concerns

Dental care professionals launch online community to address common oral health concerns

Individuals keen to know how to enhance their oral health and learn about what those niggling pains at the back of their mouths really mean will be able to access a plethora of information in seconds thanks to a new online dental health advisory service.

Oral Health Network, a comprehensive website run by dental care professionals, includes an extensive range of information about common health concerns people are affected by relating to the teeth and mouth including cavities and gum disease.

Dental care professionals who become members on the website are able to create their own personal profiles where they can post articles and give their own insights about how people can improve their oral health.

Ms Vaida Buksnaityte, Dental Hygienist and Founder said:” This website proves to be the finest source of knowledge and comprehension mentioning all the details about oral care and dentistry for consumers. All the questions which could possibly exist in the minds of people are going to be satisfactorily answered on this website.

“The prime benefit for anyone joining the Oral Health Network is that the individual would access a wide range of information about dentistry and dental care. Frequent visits to the website will increase people’s knowledge about oral hygiene and will give them the tools they need to ensure theirs and their family’s teeth and mouth are always in tip top condition.

“The service is completely free for consumers meaning there is absolutely no reason for people to not sign up and unlock a vast amount of knowledge about dental care easily and without even leaving the house.”

Already keen to expand its offering, Oral Health Network will also soon be including a forum and dental directory which will give information to people about local dental specialists, dental care professionals and dental practices.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the website though is its Ask the Expert Board, which comprises of the most professional, competent and qualified dental experts who are dedicated to answering the queries and questions of individuals without the need to book appointments and wait in queues.

For more information about Oral Health Network visit the website at: