Diabetic Patients Struggling to Manage Insulin and Dietary Calculations Have a New Must-Download App

Diabetic Patients Struggling to Manage Insulin and Dietary Calculations Have a New Must-Download App

Inspired by the personal struggles of the founder, there is a new, free app that is set to become essential for people with diabetes. Best in Bag makes it easier for users to accurately manage their diet and the amount of insulin they need on a daily basis through effortlessly scanning barcodes and providing details on favourite recipes.

Eduard Erwee, Founder and CEO of Best in Bag, said, “I have Type 1 diabetes and it’s always been a struggle to choose between various brands based on the nutritional information they provide and make the right decision for my health. It can be difficult to compare similar products and assess their nutritional credentials. What I needed was trusted and unbiased advice on how it will affect my personal health profile. Best in Bag was created to streamline the process and make it easier for everyone to understand which products they should be choosing.”

The intuitive Best in Bag app lets users scan over 280,000 product barcodes and includes over 10,000 recipes that families will love. By instantly bringing up nutritional information and ranking products or recipes based on customisable health profiles, it is simple to make a swap to healthier alternatives. Consumers can add their portion size details and the app will automatically re-calculate the traffic light label for the indicated portion. It will also count the carbohydrates to help the user to calculate the amount of insulin required. There are over four million patients diagnosed with diabetes in the UK alone and management of diet is a core part of a holistic treatment. The Best in Bag app means it’s a vital aspect that is now easier to track, adjust, and improve where necessary.

Features such as the ability to filter recipes based on allergies or lifestyle choices, a shopping list builder, and customisable list limits that can automatically warn against excessive fat, sugar, or salt, make the app an invaluable tool and trusted adviser.

While it has been designed with people with diabetes in mind, the app’s functions make it a perfect fit for anyone with a dietary related illness, such as irritable bowel syndrome or coeliac disease, or those who simply want to make better choices.

Erwee added, “Weight related issues have become a huge concern in the UK and many other parts of the world. It’s estimated that 58% of women and 68% of men are overweight and 7 million Brits suffer from cardiovascular disease. A simple way to understand nutrition and assess which options are healthier can help tackle the problem without interfering with usual daily routines.”

To find out more visit bestinbag.me/.

The app can be downloaded free via the App Store and Google Play.