Is digital dead? Evidence suggests that customers are returning to physical products in their droves whilst digital sales plunge

Is digital dead? Evidence suggests that customers are returning to physical products in their droves whilst digital sales plunge

New evidence and buying trends suggest that customers are increasingly turning away from digital products in search of the tactile experience of physical products such as vinyls and books.

The simple pleasure of being able to hold a printed product is, surprisingly, seeing a resurgence particularly with the younger generation of Generation Z’s and Millennials, who are flocking to buy books and vinyls stickers in increasing numbers.

Matt Apps, Reflex Print Store Managing Director, said: “Digital products can certainly be useful, but it’s undeniable that there’s a feeling of something missing when you buy a digital product.

“Many customers like to hold their product in their hands and admire it in detail rather than stare at it through a screen. This has been largely lost over recent years with the explosion of digital products, but it’s great to see that people are returning to physical media, particularly the younger generation who you might not assume would appreciate physical copies as much as the older generations.”

Vinyl record sales in the UK reached a 25-year high at the end of 2016, the same year during which eBook sales fell by 17% due to ‘screen fatigue.’ This was the second consecutive year during which eBook sales fell in the UK, and coincided with a 7% rise in the sales of printed books.

Matt added: “Being able to give someone a present, whether that be a book or a lenticular birthday card is an experience people find more satisfying. Who likes waking up on Christmas morning to open a code?”

Reflex Print Store stocks a range of printed products ideal for businesses and individuals including cards, lenticular printed products, signs, menus, mouse mats and coasters. The UK-based online store also stocks a wealth of collections ideal for the hotel, leisure and catering industries as well as seasonal products for the Christmas period.

The online print store also recently created a batch of plastic door hangers for Bournemouth underwear retailer Ratio. Ratio required the door hangers for changing rooms on its premises, which Reflex Print Store obliged the request by printing the classy wood-style finish on 400 micron white PVC, leaving Ratio extremely satisfied with the turnaround time and quality of their products.

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