Digital entrepreneur completes Onyx Hearts sale after growing a million dollar brand on social media

Digital entrepreneur completes Onyx Hearts sale after growing a million dollar brand on social media

A realtor turned digital entrepreneur who has created a successful portfolio of sevenfigure
businesses has completed the sale of Onyx Hearts, the cool streetwear brand
that emerged in 2016 as one of the hottest new names in urban apparel.

The acquisition of Onyx Hearts, by an undisclosed investor, was brokered by
DealFlow in San Francisco and comes just 18 months after the Dallas, TX streetwear
company was formed. The secret to the stratospheric rise from start-up to seven
figure annual revenue in just 12 months lies with Andrew Molz, a seasoned business
creator and digital marketing expert.

Molz grew the Oynx Hearts brand from the ground up, starting with a Shopify site
and going from zero sales to seven figures thanks to a strategic application of social
media. Using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Molz was able to quickly
ramp up its audience base, build brand followers and advocates and connect with
influencers. The brand sells streetwear clothing, shoes and jewelry for men and
women. Andrew is part of a growing number of savvy advertising experts that are
combining Shopify websites and Facebook advertising to generate millions. The
meteoric rise of efficient eCommerce websites like Onyx Hearts are disrupting
industries and causing a domino effect of brick and mortar stores to close up. It’s
nearly impossible for big brands to compete with online stores that are run as
efficiently as Onyx Hearts.

The sale of the Oynx Hearts officially closed last week on August 10th. Molz said, “As
an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new ideas and businesses. Oynx Hearts grew
from nothing to charting seven figures sales in just a year due to social media
primarily – five or ten years ago, this would be unheard of so it really shows the
power of online communities and social networks. So few brands are really able to
harness that power but, Oynx Hearts shows that it can be done.”
“I’m delighted that it has been acquired and look forward to seeing the business soar
to new heights I can be proud of.”
Molz will now focus his attentions on his private consulting services for eCommerce
website owners.

He added, “Now that I have more availability to help others duplicate the success I’ve
continually achieved, I’m really looking forward to a new challenge and helping new
brands to scale their websites in a similar manner. I will be taking a brief hiatus for 3
months and then will be planning on also scaling out my SaaS company for the real
estate sector.”
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