Disruption in their DNA: Start Up Fit Food Fresh Dishes Up The Most Advanced Meal Planner Software Yet

Disruption in their DNA: Start Up Fit Food Fresh Dishes Up The Most Advanced Meal Planner Software Yet

Fit Food Fresh, an innovate new startup which takes a consumer approach to the rapidly growing meal plan industry, has unveiled the most technically advanced and all-encompassing meal plan software system of its kind (aptly named Meal Plan Software) – a solution which is already responsible for the highest rated meal plan service in the US.

Championing convenience and tapping into the social-media fuelled health and wellness trend sweeping the country, meal plan services are springing up in their hundreds each month. Frustrated by the restrictive and impersonal service offered by most meal plan solutions, customer experience consultant Casey Cochran and brand developer Stephen Kaiser set out to fill in the gaps with their first project together, Fit Food Fresh. After seeing the lack of resources for the meal plan service to use, they set out to create the solutions they couldn’t find.

The result is a new software platform trailblazing a path for the quickly growing meal plan industry. This sophisticated meal plan order management tool is uniquely designed to serve the needs of both subscribers and meal plan providers. A harmonious partnership of tech know-how and service savvy, Meal Plan Software provides meal plan brands with more transparency, better tracking and all-in-one capabilities. It streamlines the service delivery process for meal plan providers, replacing an average of five different systems with a single seamless interface.

Casey sums it up with, “The meal plan industry is still so new that there aren’t any ‘off the shelf’ options for order management and client management systems, and the few solutions that do exist are created by programmers who aren’t familiar with the business. We’ve developed Meal Plan Software from the perspective of a meal plan frustrated by the status quo, just like we created Fit Food Fresh from our experiences as dissatisfied meal plan clients. By being experts in the problems and shortcomings, we’re the best candidates for creating the solutions. Who would you want designing your software more than the team who created the highest rated meal plan in the country?”

“While most companies focus on providing a viable and profitable product or service, our perspective as consumers means we have focused on creating the best solutions to the pains we have experienced. The Meal Plan Software ecosystem is holistic in that sense and empowers meal plan providers with that insight from day one, removing friction and making it much easier to create a superior user experience.”

The Meal Plan Software SaaS means meal plan providers can serve up weekly menus, offer a huge choice of dishes, cater to infinite diets, champion healthy ingredients, make it easy to browse dishes, ingredients and options and handle the behind the scenes admin and logistics with ease. The end result is a member experience that feels tailored fit to the individual needs, tastes, and schedule… A great mixture of control and automation.

“Building a successful meal plan business means you need one eye on the business itself and one foot in the door as an actual customer,” adds cofounder Stephen






“It all comes down to efficiency and transparency and a commitment to providing a better experience to members. We’ve always known having an amazing project is only half the battle; without the ability to provide an equally impressive level of service and scale everything, you’re always going to be vulnerable. From the eater’s perspective, our software system provides a built-in loyalty program, ambassador program and more intelligent selection filter so right away it’s easier to use and more rewarding too.

“From the meal plan’s perspective, there is more automation on previously manual tasks as the software combines the abilities of several systems and gives more useful metrics to allow for better service delivery and smarter decision making. What we’re most excited about is our ability to put all these capabilities in the hands of other other startup concepts, increasing their likelihood of success by multiples and allowing them to compete with larger companies… we say it’s like trading in your bow and arrows for a bazooka.”

To find out more and see the software in action, visit www.MealPlanSoftware.com
To check out the meal plan that inspired the project to begin with, visit www.FitFoodFresh.com.