Disruptive new food tech start-up Festa launches

Disruptive new food tech start-up Festa launches

A new food tech start-up, mentored by Michelin-starred chef and Master Chef Holland judge, Robert J.K. Kranenborg, launches in the Netherlands today with a global vision to disrupt the dining experience.

Offering unique gourmet experiences curated by top notch culinary experts, Festa simultaneously provides culinary connoisseurs with an opportunity to interact, discover and connect while also giving restaurateurs and chefs respite from the industry-wide problem of no-shows.

With around 20% of pre-booked tables thought to sit empty, Festa’s curated social dining and fine dining experiences are exclusively pre-ticketed.  Discerning diners can savour exquisite dishes with unprecedented access to the best experiential global food moments, and discover the story behind some of the world’s best dishes with deeper insights into the chef’s creative process.

Co-creator of Festa and Director of Business development Lise Timmer said, “Festa, for me is a celebration of more than good food and dining. It’s also about sharing and storytelling. It gives full control back to the chefs and the restaurants, helping to build a community of gourmets all passionate about the experience of creating sublime food.’’

Festa taps into the trend for exquisite, exclusive dining by empowering chefs to showcase their creativity. Festa chefs retain full control and can create special events, tastings and private dining experiences to better engage with customers and share their vision for each dish. The cloud-based platform removes the worry of no-shows by pre-ticketing all events, with international reach and full creative control – there’s no need to pre-assign tables and each booking can be accepted or declined by the host. Reviews can only be left by diners booking via the platform, ensuring trusted, fair ratings.

Diners can also benefit from the Festa vision, with VIP entry into a curated community of chefs and food enthusiasts. Chefs can share images and videos, giving food fans a unique opportunity to connect with the industry’s brightest talent. Guests can ‘follow’ their favourite host and discover their culinary world, with the chef’s story sharing what they like, how they create, what they do and the story behind the experience.

Gourmets looking for experiential food experiences can search at city level for social dining; with authentic tastes, food tours, cooking classes and chef’s tables carefully curated by Festa’s team  – this includes Festa executive mentor and Michelin-starred chef, Robert J.K. Kranenborg and co-creator, the culinary jury member and manager of numerous Michelin starred chefs, Lise Timmer.

The Festa experts have also made it easy to discover the best in fine dining, with preselected restaurants. There’s also fund raising, where fundraiser culinary events can be created and proceeds donated to the charity of choice almost immediately Chef Kranenborg says, “This was long awaited. Pre-paid events, genuine ratings and it’s truly international. Just come onboard.”

To find out more visit www.lefesta.com.