DIY and Decorating Survey Reveals Top Priorities For House Movers

DIY and Decorating Survey Reveals Top Priorities For House Movers

Cast Fireplaces find redecorating a key concern for new occupants

UK fireplace specialists, Cast Fireplaces, have revealed the results of their recent decorating and DIY survey. Keen to gage the needs of modern consumers, the company asked customers about the most important aspects of a decorating project from start to finish. The survey included questions on everything from hiring a professional decorator to personalising a new home.

The results on relocating proved particularly interesting, with an incredible 72% of respondents saying they re-decorated a new home after moving in – suggesting that stamping their unique style on a property is a key priority for movers.

The survey discovered that personal taste (or the perceived lack of it) is the main reason movers choose to redecorate – most say the previous décor was simply not to their taste. Some prefer a contemporary feel, others a vintage style backdrop. Ultimately it is personal taste, and the demonstration of it, which helps to transform a house into a home, and explains why so many movers are keen to re-design their new space.

Cast Fireplaces found the results of their survey interesting, but far from shocking. “We are not surprised that so many people redecorate when moving into a new home,” says company director Mark Adams. “We all want our homes to be a representation of us. In fact, our homes are a tapestry of our personalities – so it makes perfect sense that movers would want to re-decorate their new home.”

From the 27.8% who said that redecorating was not a priority for them when moving home, most said the design of the property was already to their taste – in these cases, it is entirely plausible that décor was a deciding factor in the decision making process.

The survey shows that whilst decorating might seem trivial, it forms a key part of the moving process for many homeowners in the UK. Homeowners strive to make their homes a reflection of their personality, and Cast Fireplaces is helping them to achieve this by providing a range of fireplaces to suit any taste.

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