Dollz Confetti launches new water-soluble confetti product to mimic snow for winter wedding season

Dollz Confetti launches new water-soluble confetti product to mimic snow for winter wedding season

Dollz Confetti has launched a unique, water-soluble new product, perfect for adding some seasonal magic to weddings and events over the winter months.

Snow confetti is a biodegradable, water-soluble confetti that looks and falls just like real snow. The delicate snowflake-inspired pieces are guaranteed to transform any wedding venue into a beautiful winter wonderland, making for an extra special day whatever the weather.

A sprinkle of Snow Confetti mimics real snowflakes as it drifts to the ground and begins to dissolve when it comes into contact with water, making it ideal for venues that aren’t typically confetti friendly.

This confetti product is extremely versatile and could also be used to decorate your wedding venue to enhance the seasonal feeling. Why not scatter it on your tables or place it up and down the aisle for a romantic and magical effect?

All of Dollz Confetti products are non-toxic and do not harm the environment. Because of this, it is now the only type of confetti that most venues will allow at special events and important occasions such as weddings and celebrations.

Samantha Mercer, founder of Dollz Confetti said, “We are very excited to launch this product just as summer is coming to an end and people are beginning to prepare for more festive events like winter weddings and Christmas parties. There’s something really magical about snow falling on one of those special days, but in this country you can’t bank on that happening. With snow confetti you don’t have to worry about relying on the weather. It looks, falls and feels so much like snow your guests might even be convinced that it is the real thing!”

Each Dollz Confetti mix is sold in 1 litre measures, allowing for 12-15 handfuls per mix. The confetti is practical and leftovers will store well until the next special occasion. Surplus snow confetti can be used to decorate the home during the winter season. Sprinkled over a dining table or scattered on the branches of a Christmas tree, the pretty flakes add a chic, extra festive feel.

Snow confetti can also be jazzed up for the big day with an option to add glitter and metallic petals to the mix.

Mercer continued, “We really pride ourselves on the fact that our products are all  natural. We’re conscious that this is something that a lot of consumers are more aware of and increasingly consider when they purchase certain products. With snow confetti, you can enhance your special day with the effects of realistic snow fall while still remaining ethically conscious.”

Dollz Confetti has a vast collection of beautiful confetti products and there are endless options to tailor it to suit event themes. To find out more, visit: