You Don’t Have to Give Up Treats to Be Healthy, Says Cookie Cutter Shop

You Don’t Have to Give Up Treats to Be Healthy, Says Cookie Cutter Shop

The trend for health-conscious food can often mean cutting out delicious snacks and treats but the Cookie Cutter Shop is urging customers to simply look for alternative recipes. With a growing range of healthy substitutes to sugar filled cookies, the brand notes that watching what you eat doesn’t have to mean dull, bland foods, especially when customers can create their own healthy cookies in their kitchen, giving them complete control over what goes into every batch.

Healthy food trends have been on the rise over the last few years, with those dedicated to the movement often choosing clean eating. But whether consumers want a complete lifestyle overhaul or to simply cut back on their sugar intake, Cookie Cutter Shop states they don’t have to forgo their favourite snacks. From switching traditional chocolate chips for cacoa nibs to trying coconut flour over the usual variety, there are plenty of ways that cookies and other sweet treats can be given a healthy twist without compromising on taste. Even sugar can be effortlessly substituted for a variety of alternatives, including unsweetened apple sauce, vanilla extract, or stevia, letting bakers pick out the flavour they prefer.

Lisa,  Director of Cookie Cutter Shop, said, “There are so many ingredient options available today and with access to the internet, it’s simple to choose a recipe that’ll still deliver a great taste when you’re craving something sweet without having to mess up your diet plans. Whether you want to reduce your sugar intake or move to whole grain products, making your own snacks gives you the choice. Most cookie recipes can be completed in less than an hour, so you can quickly whip up a batch and have treats to hand when you need them.”

The Cookie Cutter Shop brings home bakers across the country hundreds of unique cutter designs, providing a simple way to transform a humble cookie into something more fun. The extensive range caters to every taste and occasion, with everything from shapes perfect for baby showers to cocktail glass inspired creations. With effortless access to so many different cutters just a few clicks of a button away, bakers have as many options to choose from when it comes to the shape of their cookies as they do when it comes to selecting ingredients.

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