Double the back-up for added security

Double the back-up for added security

Data Memory Systems, one of the leading retailers in the US for computer memory and computer accessories, has advised both domestic computer users and businesses alike to ensure they operate a double back-up method, to help prevent against loss to files and folders.

The rise of cloud storage has brought the attention of backing up data to the forefront of minds. Growing immensely fast, there are now millions of cloud servers across the globe. Making files, folders, videos, images, and any other file more accessible than ever before, the trillions of files stored on there are accessible anywhere with an internet connection. However clouds have come under fire recently for security, privacy, and encryption breaches. And this is why DMS is encourages all computer users to use the double back-up method.

Despite clouds becoming the ‘norm’, research undertaken last year[1] stated that 24 percent of computer users never back up their data, and 17 percent choose to do it just once a year. And the experts at Data Memory Systems couldn’t be more horrified. Speaking about the need to not just back up data, a spokesperson for Data Memory Systems, said, “It’s common knowledge that data is sensitive and needs to be backed up regularly. We now rely on computers more so than ever before. And with more files and folders stored on these machines than just a year ago, and growing every single day, it is imperative that we ensure they are backed up every day – and not just once, but twice.”

Hard drives have been used in computing for many years, but they aren’t going anywhere. Still used by millions of computer uses and businesses every single day, there is no encryption, privacy or security issues. So storing the most integral files on this type of hard drive, as well as in the cloud, will ensure that should a cloud storage server be hacked or compromised, users will still have an untouched copy of the file on their hard drive.

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