Dr Funk Vital Edition Set to Launch at IFE 22

Dr Funk Vital Edition Set to Launch at IFE 22

Following the successful launch of the first Dr Funk vitamin drink last summer, The Refreshing Drinks Company is gearing up to release its highly anticipated second edition later this month. The London-based company will unveil its fruity new Vital Edition at the International Food and Drink Event at ExCeL London, giving attendees the chance to be the first to sample the flavour.

The first Dr Funk vitamin water – the lemon and elderflower Immune Edition with zinc – was met with huge positivity by those looking to make healthier choices. The zero calorie, no added sugar, preservative-free, all natural sparkling water was formulated to offer a gentle boost to the body’s immune system, containing a range of vitamins to improve health and wellbeing.

The new wonderfully refreshing Vital Edition will feature an adapted formulation, intended to support everyday bodily functions and processes.

The Dr Funk brand is aptly named after the Polish-American biochemist Kazimierz Funk who, in 1912, was amongst the first to identify ‘vital amines’ – or vitamins as we know them today – and explore their role in human health. Dr Funk dedicated his life to raising awareness of the power of vitamins, and demonstrating how the right vitamins could help to tackle common diseases.

Aneil Bedi, CEO of The Refreshing Drinks Company, says “Everyone wants to be healthy, now more so than ever with health having been the main topic of conversion over the past few years. But it’s not easy to live a healthy lifestyle when we’re surrounded by products that are full of sugar, artificial flavours, and processed ingredients. That’s why we decided to start from scratch, building something from the ground up that’s made to be good. We only use natural ingredients in Dr Funk drinks, making it easy to make healthy choices”.

Since launch, Dr Funk has experienced almost unprecedented levels of success, driven by the growing trend for consumers to move away from sugary pops. With research showing that the average adult gets more than 12% of their energy from added sugar, it’s not surprising to learn that pop sales in the UK have dropped by 20% as consumers shift to healthier alternatives.

Dr Frankie Phillips of the British Dietetic Association notes that one of the biggest problems with pop is that it does nothing for the body. “Unlike other foods which provide calories and also a range of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibre, we don’t get anything extra from sweetened fizzy drinks apart from the sugar energy”. Dr Funk aims to make soft drinks more beneficial, combining carefully crafted combinations of vitamins with naturally filtered and lightly carbonated artesian mountain spring water for healthy hydration.

Can’t wait to try the new flavour? The Dr Funk mango & violet Vital Edition with magnesium will be launching exclusively at IFE London on 21st March.

To find out more about Dr Funk drinks, visit www.drfunk.co.uk