Dr. Haroon Ismail Responds to Smile Direct Club's Collapse with Expert Support and Funding for Affected Patients

Dr. Haroon Ismail Responds to Smile Direct Club’s Collapse with Expert Support and Funding for Affected Patients

Dr. Haroon Ismail, a renowned cosmetic dentist with over five years of experience in clear aligner treatments, expresses his shock and concern over the sudden collapse of the clear aligner company, Smile Direct Club. The company’s unexpected decision to cease support, leaving 2 million customers worldwide without ongoing assistance, has prompted Dr. Ismail to take immediate action.

“I’ve long held reservations about Smile Direct Club’s product,” said Dr. Ismail. “Aligner treatments are complex and require professional dental oversight, something not achievable with an app-based approach. The current situation is deeply troubling.”

In response to the numerous calls received at his clinic from affected individuals, Dr. Ismail has assembled a team of dental experts dedicated to providing aid. He has personally contributed £10,000 to establish a fund aimed at assisting patients to navigate the aftermath of Smile Direct Club’s closure. This includes crucial advice on the use of existing aligners and guidance for their eventual replacement.

To further this effort, Dr. Ismail has launched a dedicated website, www.smiledirecthelp.co.uk, a resource offering free professional dental advice, updates on refunds, and information about potential legal actions. The website is accessible 24/7, ensuring immediate help is available for those in need.

“We are committed to supporting those impacted by this unfortunate event,” Dr. Ismail added. “Our goal is to provide reliable, expert guidance during this difficult time.”

For more information, please visit www.smiledirecthelp.co.uk