Dramatic Rise in Structural Repairs Issues Expected After Extreme UK Heatwave

Dramatic Rise in Structural Repairs Issues Expected After Extreme UK Heatwave

Brits can anticipate a rapid rise in the number of structural repair issues affecting both homes and commercial spaces after the record-breaking heatwave experienced across the country, according to experts at Structural Repairs.

Extremes of weather are known for wreaking havoc on properties, and with the recent warmer weather, many homeowners have been left wondering how to check for (and fix) common structural complaints that are particularly common after heatwaves.

With climate change on everyone’s mind, Structural Repairs is sharing some top tips on how to identify signs that a property is in need of some TLC.

Firstly, Structural Repairs advises people to search for signs of subsidence – where a property starts to sink on its foundations – which can be complicated and costly to fix. At its most extreme, subsidence can cause buildings to collapse; though thankfully, the issue is normally noticed before it reaches that breaking point.

Searching for subsidence around the home is fairly straightforward and simply requires a quick check for any cracks or dents in the walls, as these can indicate early subsidence. When it’s caught in time, it’s possible to save a property from sinking any further by elevating the building using screw piles or underpinning.

Secondly, property owners are advised to look for any cracks in recent concrete work. This is particularly relevant for people who have new build properties or have just finished their own refurbishment. Structural Repairs warns against using concrete during the hot weather as the elements help to harden the concrete, making it brittle and more fragile than it should be.

Lastly, Structural Repairs suggests that people keep a close eye on any UPVC windows and doors in their property. They are prone to expanding during the summer months, which can make them difficult to close.

Although structural issues can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, Structural Repairs offer a range of cost-effective and professional services to rectify any existing complaints.

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