Driving Force Behind Secretary Affairs Explains the Business’ Ethos

Driving Force Behind Secretary Affairs Explains the Business’ Ethos

A successful entrepreneur has launched his latest venture, an agency that perfectly blends elements of a modelling agency with a recruit firm outlook to deliver businesses professional, glamourous assistants. The unique concept of Secretary Affairs could have a big impact on companies across the world and was created following the founder’s personal experiences in the world of business.

Michael H., a Swiss businessman and international business lawyer, has a passion for developing projects within niche markets. After he hired an experienced assistant with an interest in modelling himself, he quickly noticed that her attractive appearance was having a positive impact on business operations. Taking an openminded approach, the entrepreneur concluded that the presence of an attractive person in such a prominent position of the company was positively influencing the brand image. Deciding to conduct some research, Michael found numerous articles observing the same occurrence and the idea behind Secretary Affairs was cemented.

Michael said, “In my experience, hiring an attractive personal assistant, who is often dealing with clients and business partners, can have a huge influence on how a company is viewed. I found that negotiations instantly seemed much friendlier than usual and there were rarely barriers when organising company issues. To me, the results were obvious and Secretary Affairs doesn’t hide from the fact that attractiveness is a factor in corporate presentation. The combination of attributes we look for in our candidates means it’s now easier for businesses across the world to find the right person to fill their HR roles.”

Appearance plays an important role in the Secretary Affairs process but it doesn’t overshadow other key qualities that entrepreneurs want from their employees. All candidates featured on the platform are highly efficient, skilled, and professional. The method of hiring from Secretary Affairs follows a traditional route too, with candidates being matched based on job criteria.

Michael added, “I see Secretary Affairs as the ultimate fusion between traditional recruitment firm and modelling agency. We give businesses from around the world the chance to find a personal assistant that not only has all the skills to get the job done but will present an attractive, fashionable image for the company too.”

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