Drone pilot lessons provide new career option for freelancer generation

Drone pilot lessons provide new career option for freelancer generation

The world of work is undoubtedly changing. Traditional expectations of staying loyal to one company and embarking on a pre-mediated career path is becoming something of the past for the millennial generation, spurred on by the challenging job market and personal expectations simultaneously. As self-employment becomes a growing trend within the working landscape, UAVAir argues that drone pilot lessons could help self-starting jobseekers embark on new, rewarding career path that is tailored for the freelance-focused generation.

When enrolling on CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved drone training, such as that offered by the leading aerial academy, candidates can quickly gain the qualifications needed to start their own business in a field that is growing in demand. Armed with the technical know-how and legal certification, pilots combine their flight technique with pre-existing skills to launch drone-based enterprises in diverse industries ranging from photography to engineering. As drones rise in popularity, so does their value as a viable career option and business basis for freelancers looking for a niche.

John Gore, Operations Manager commented, “There is no doubt that the growing drone industry enables this trend for self-employment and start-up businesses. Any ambitious mind can quickly gain the skills and qualifications they need to build up an in-demand business, letting them work to their own rules while being successful at it! It has been predicted that drones will create 70,000 jobs in the US alone by 2018. In 2017, this prediction is certainly starting to come true, making it a great route to go down for anyone wanting to navigate the world of work, on their own terms!”

Last August, a research paper titled The Future of the Workforce was commissioned by UBS Wealth Management and The Future Laboratory that highlighted this millennial workplace trend. Amongst other findings, it highlighted millennials’ inclination for choosing to be self-employed, noting that the number of freelance workers in Europe rose by 45% in the space of three years. As various self-taught careers such as web-development, coding and copywriting form the core of many young people’s employment, investing in drone training could be the next starting point for a freelance career that is futureproofed.

UAVAir is a CAA approved drone training academy, offering its Unmanned Aerial Qualification (UAQ) course to candidates in locations across the country. Led by aerial experts with a diverse skillset and range of industry experience, the training offered by UAVAir goes beyond the qualifications, offering a fully rounded education. View the full list of full locations at: uav-air.com