New service provides and ships millions of saleable products on demand

Selling online is a great – and fun – way of turning a tidy profit. Yet the Amazon marketplace can be a confusing world to navigate, and it can prove labour intensive and confusing trying to find products which sell,  time after time. Add the hassle of shipping items while keeping track of stock and organizing your listings, and the whole process can be off-putting for some.  That’s where Dropsys can help make things quick, simple and profitable, too.

As the premiere dropshipping company, Dropsys provide clients with access to their huge database of over 10 million products with proven saleability, meaning no more waiting around for unwanted items to fly off the online shelves!

The company allows clients to get up and running with online selling within just a few clicks, encouraging sellers to take care of their sales and growth while Dropsys takes care of all the rest.

In addition to providing a vast database of promising products, Dropsys handles all of the shipping, too – so all customers need do is choose their products, set their prices and begin trading.

Using the latest tech, Dropsys API system links directly to customer’s Amazon or eBay stores to update vital areas such as listing prices and stock levels – completely stress free.

Founder Zaid Arshed began working in the dropshipping industry at the age of 16, and now helps many client accounts utilize online sellers platforms such as Amazon and eBay with increased efficiency.

“We want to give people more access to the tools they need to sell online, giving them the freedom to work their own hours and run their own profitable businesses,” said Arshed. “There’s the potential for some fantastic returns for those bold and brave enough to make the leap – and we’re here to help every step of the way.”

The official website launch takes place in July 2017.

Find out more about Dropsys at www.dropsys.com.