Dubai Rental Property Owners Can Boost Short-Term Yields by 40% with Luxury Management Service

Dubai Rental Property Owners Can Boost Short-Term Yields by 40% with Luxury Management Service

Property owners seeking a way to boost their rental income by tapping into the lucrative and fast-growing holiday market in Dubai have a new luxury service at their disposal. Yallarent, which delivers a range of services designed to increase revenues alongside traditional management support, is opening its business to Dubai property owners that have recognised the potential their spaces hold.

Famed for its designer shopping, beautiful beaches, glitzy architecture, and incredible entertainment, Dubai is fast becoming a holiday destination hotspot, with over 15 million tourists visiting the city in 2017. Smart property owners are catching on to the potential of offering up their properties to tourists that want to experience the thrill of Dubai with the home comforts that hotels can’t offer. The opportunity comes at a time when long-term rental prices continue to fall sharply, making the holiday market even more attractive. With a huge market and increased competition, Yallarent is now offering indulgent services that not only make it effortless to be part of the short-term rental market but to increase yield by up to 40%.

Alex Bigoni, CEO of Yallarent, said, “Tourists are flooding into Dubai every year and they’re looking for stunning places to stay that match the atmosphere of the city. With new online platforms giving property owners the perfect opportunity to reach a global market of tourists, it’s no surprise that there has been a boom in the number of short-term rental properties – it represents a great chance to make some additional money.

“However, while platforms such as Airbnb can connect owners with tourists, it doesn’t take care of the extra work and worries that short-term rentals require. This is where the Yallarent services are critical. We still leverage the power of online sites but take it much further with our dedicated services, helping each of our clients to maximise occupancy and rates.”

Yallarent provides all the services and support that those in the short-term rental market that want minimal hassle can benefit from. The expert team behind the brand start with the marketing of the property, helping it to stand out from a crowd of others, as well as handling cleaning, product restocking, and guest queries 24/7. Where Yallarent really stands out is its commitment to improving the experience of every guest. Each tourist can expect to receive a personal welcome, introducing them to the neighbourhood and attractions, as well as having a point of contact at all times during their stay. The luxury touch leads to positive reviews and even more interest in each property, giving rental yield an opportunity to climb higher still.

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