Easy Recruit’s Clients Defy Brexit Pessimism with North Lanarkshire Recruitment Drive

Easy Recruit’s Clients Defy Brexit Pessimism with North Lanarkshire Recruitment Drive

The general sentiment of Brexit pessimism in the business world is being shunned by firms in North Lanarkshire as local companies secure lucrative contracts and increase their vacancies. Easy Recruit, a leading recruitment company that meets the expectations of both jobseekers and employers, is working to fill 50 new positions as clients in the area continue to grow.

Using its insider information, Easy Recruit has seen that food processing, packing and general warehousing, and production work is on the up across the whole of the UK. Three of the firm’s largest clients in the North Lanarkshire region have benefitted from the significant growth, leading to a demand for more workers. As a result, the specialist recruitment agency is now seeking over 50 workers to fill flexible roles. Many of the jobs in the area are unskilled but among the new positions there are also opportunities for forklift driving and supervisor positions. The newly created jobs are spread across Coatbridge, Eurocentral, and Cumbernauld.

Derrek Ferrol, Managing Director of Easy Recruit, said, “This boost is much welcomed in the area. North Lanarkshire is our largest employing area with over 600 employees currently working. It has been an exciting year as three of our largest clients have secured additional new business with some of the UK’s biggest players. We have various shifts to suit not only the unemployed but students and anyone looking for new opportunities.”

The growth in job opportunities comes from Easy Recruit’s roots. The professional recruitment agency, which celebrates its milestone tenth anniversary next year, is based in Coatbridge. Built up by local entrepreneur Ferrol it is a business success story for the area. Beginning with its first client, Bells Bakery in Shotts, Easy Recruit is now a multi-million pound business with offices in Leeds, Lancashire, London, Kendal, Sheffield, Fife, and headquarters in Glasgow city centre. Last year the company went through a successful buyout and remains one of the fastest growing industrial employment businesses in the UK with an eye to continue strengthening their position.

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