EasyRecruit Helping to Fill Hundreds of New Jobs Across the UK

EasyRecruit Helping to Fill Hundreds of New Jobs Across the UK

Recruitment agency EasyRecruit is on the hunt for job seekers after it was tasked with finding employees for hundreds of new positions up for grabs over the next three months.

Exciting new opportunities in processing and manufacturing roles have been made available due to three of EasyRecruit’s clients being given huge new contracts with well-known UK retailers ASDA, Brewdog, and M&S, creating a jackpot of new jobs.

Suiting predominantly unskilled and semi-skilled employees, EasyRecruit will be looking to hire 150 new flexible workers to ply their new trades at manufacturing and production sites in Eurocentral Scotland, Kendal, and Sheffield. All the new roles available through EasyRecruit will include the bonus opportunity of long-term employment, with EasyRecruit’s clients looking to build up a dependable workforce for the foreseeable future.

Derek Ferrol, Managing Director of EasyRecruit, said, “It’s fantastic to see a wealth of new jobs being created across the UK in the manufacturing and processing industry.

“Not only will these contracts provide employment to such a large amount of people, they’ll also offer new starters a chance to secure a solid, long term position with us, making them ideal for those with families looking for a substantive position as well as lucrative for those looking for flexible or seasonal work.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer these new roles, and I urge anyone interested to register on our website or give us a call today.”

New employees taken on as part of the recruitment drive will also benefit from the wealth of training courses offered through EasyRecruit; the popular employment agency offers over 100 free online training courses, giving employees the chance to further develop their skills and attributes across a wide range of areas.

The new roles also come at a time when the UK’s manufacturing industry is likely to see a boom in productivity; a successful Brexit gives the UK the chance to make new deals with markets across the world whilst simultaneously seeing a rise in exports due to the cheaper pound, meaning more countries are choosing to buy British.

EasyRecruit is well positioned to take advantage of this; the agency specialises in filling vacancies for a range of industry sectors including logistics, FMCG, and warehousing as well as food and drink. The company is held in extremely high regard with its clients too, with over 92% of its clients saying they’re the best agency they’ve used.

To register with EasyRecruit, please visit easyrecruituk.com/  or call 03300 04 05 06.