Eazi-Apps Confirms Rebrand Following Significant Expansion

Eazi-Apps Confirms Rebrand Following Significant Expansion

Eazi-Apps, the Leicestershire business with a growing presence on the world stage, has announced that it will rebrand this summer following significant development. The firm, which helps budding entrepreneurs to start their own app development business and provides ongoing mentoring, support and training via its in-house academy, will unveil a brand new corporate identity in June.

Zakir Daud, founder of Eazi-Apps said, “Since our inception just over 5 years ago we have stayed with the same logo with the speech bubble, the star above the letter ‘i’ and the brown colour and a dark theme. Although it has become synonymous of great products and services it has changed very little. We felt that with all of the changes and developments we have undertaken, including expanding into the Americas recently, the time had come to overhaul our image so the exterior represents the interior and the exciting developments we have underway.

“When we embarked on the redesign, we wanted something that reflects our values and the businesses we serve. We wanted a design that appeared fresh, aspirational, smart, approachable, friendly and connected and feel that we have really achieved that with our new look.”

The revamped Eazi-Apps will be visible throughout the brand experience, with a brand new company logo and a new look to the website. The updated colour scheme is both fresh and modern and perfectly encapsulates the core of Eazi-App’s business in a rapidly developing industry.

The firm has given a sneak peek of its new look already on its site. To find out more and see the new logo, visit: https://www.eazi-apps-business.com/eazi-apps-is-rebranding or see the logo coming to life here: https://eaziappsbusiness.sharefile.com/d-s2f1424c74bb49a0b