Eco-Conscious Tech Firm Brings Beauty Tech One Step Closer

Eco-Conscious Tech Firm Brings Beauty Tech One Step Closer

The future of smart beauty comes one step closer to reality this week thanks to innovative tech company CAPTIVATIUN and its future-forward, tech-driven beauty solutions. After several years in development, CAPTIVATIUN has created the technology needed to support the development of its groundbreaking first to market solution the smart nails kit.

The smart nails kit will launch in 2020 and gives beauty fans the freedom, control and flexibility they need to redefine their nail style, any time, any place, in just a matter of seconds. The technology will put thousands of impressive nail designs and colour choices at the user’s fingertips. Each design created by talented nail technicians from around the globe and can go from an onscreen option to flawless manicure in under five seconds.

Designs can be tailored to each individual for a completely unique look, with users able to customise the pattern, shade, and even wear time they desire in line with their personal style or occasion.

Raj Sharma, Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATIUN says, “Technology has made life easier across many different areas, but beauty products have largely remained untouched. It is our mission to revolutionise the beauty sector by bringing technology into the mix and providing beauty lovers with the easiest way to redefine their style, be themselves and truly feel confident.

“CAPTIVATIUN’s revolutionary smart nail technology is a real game changer, not only for beauty fans but also for the environment. When creating this technology-driven solution, we’ve kept the eco impact of popular options like acrylic nails at the front of our minds.”

Typical salon services can negatively impact the planet in a number of ways, from the fuel used to deliver products and the energy required to manufacture nail polish bottles through to the chemicals in nail products. The acrylic often used in salons is a Class 7 non-recyclable plastic and a major contributor to the beauty industry’s negative impact on the planet. Acrylic nails can also be detrimental to nail health, with the risk of pain, burning, swelling, and even nail separation as a result of the often chemicals used in applications.

Some studies also suggest that some salon UV lamps used to dry gel polish can also increase the risk of skin cancer.

CAPTIVATIUN’s revolutionary smart nail technology with its vast range of designs will be a quicker, more cost effective option for those who rely on trips to the salon, gel or acrylic extensions for perfect nails.

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