EDM Producer introduces new sound with third album instalment

EDM Producer introduces new sound with third album instalment

An independent EDM producer with a significant following in the Middle East is hoping to break into the UK music scene with the release of his third album.

‘Lip Service’ is music producer and DJ Shuja Rabbani’s latest body of work to be released under his own record label, Rabbani Records. It consists of 21 tracks that are available for purchase and streaming on all major online music platforms. The album release means that Rabbani has now produced a record consecutively for three years.

Much like his previous albums, ‘Lip Service’ is predominantly EDM focused but also draws on inspiration from other styles and regions to produce a multi-faceted sound. Instruments from around the globe have been incorporated into the tracks, including countries like India and the Caribbean. Turkish and Arabian instruments have also been blended in over the artist’s signature electronic beats.

One of the most exotic instruments used in this album is the Gubal and the Hang, similar instruments that are both manufactured in Switzerland. The track titled ‘Avicenna’ has tunes almost entirely made by using these instruments.

Rabbani will be releasing three singles to promote his new album and style across the globe. This first single will be ‘Casanova’, followed by ‘Turkish Delight’ and ‘Pharaoh’. All of these tracks incorporate ethnic world sounds and electronic beats, creating an entirely new sound of dance music that DJ’s will be able to mix into tracks immediately.

Speaking about his new work, Rabbani said: “The new album represents my love for world music which I have attempted to combine along with modern electronic beats. It’s representative of who I am as an artist who also happens to be a global citizen.”

Rabbani has a significant social media presence that is continuing to grow immensely and he is hailed as one of the most influential personalities from Afghanistan.

Rabbani often posts news and updates for his fans on his social media platforms and has a strong digital branding presence as a result of high quality and diversified content that appeals to topics of interest for multiple generations. He uses the hashtag #EDMA which stands for Electronic Dance Music Afghanistan so followers can keep up to date with his progress more easily, helping to cement a unique brand.

Within the last year, his popularity online and as an Afghan music producer has resulted in his music being used at two different international events, both in the Middle East and in Europe, to represent the changing face of Afghanistan’s upcoming generations and increasingly diverse culture.

Rabbani continues:” As an independent artist, I’m grateful for the institutions that are reaching out to me in representing the other side of Afghanistan that the international community does not get to see much. I hope to continue working hard to inspire Afghan artists to look beyond their borders and reach out to the global audience through their talents.”

It would seem that Rabbani is interested in more than the music scene though, as he continues to juggle a range of different work-related endeavors. With an interest in international affairs, Rabbani produces a number of articles and commentaries on contemporary issues, which he posts on his personal blog. Rabbani’s professional role in an international organization means he is particularly business savvy, so also spends time reviewing business and self-development books and business-related articles on human resources.

To find out more about Shuja Rabbani, and how he is revolutionizing the global EDM music industry, go to: www.shujarabbani.com