Educational, Fun Family Games Can Help Children’s Development, Says PikyKwiky

Educational, Fun Family Games Can Help Children’s Development, Says PikyKwiky

Spending quality family time together has long been found to be a vital part in a child’s development and new games company PikyKwiky is urging parents to incorporate educational, fun games into their routine to take advantage of this. Combining entertainment with learning is the perfect way to help kids reach milestones the firm behind the LinkIt card game says.

Family time is essential for raising happy and well-adjusted children, as well as simply being a time when families can enjoy doing fun things together. But often families become stuck in a routine of doing the same things even when they make a conscious effort to spend more quality time together. PikyKwiky aims to create games that engage the whole family and give a fresh activity that everyone can get involved in, from young children through to grandparents.

Sheren Kodsi, the co-founder of PikyKwiky said, “The importance of spending time together as a family shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when children are still young and developing key skills. Having a fun way to connect with parents, siblings, and other family members can really improve a child’s overall wellbeing and how they handle challenges in the future.”

PikyKwiky’s first product to hit the shelves is LinkIt, a rapid thinking card game that children and parents alike will love. The speed and aim of the game can help children develop their mental abilities, quickly connecting different images to win the round. But the benefits of LinkIt go beyond that too, it can also support physical development, such as improving hand-eye coordination, and social skills that are important to a wide range of everyday tasks.

The brand has already published the first two sets of LinkIt cards, each coming in a handy portable tin that’s perfect for storage, and has plans to release another three over the coming months. PikyKwiky’s focus on family-friendly fun is set to encompass all their range, with other games already in the works to be released at a later date to liven up family night.

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