Elderly abuse scandal highlights need for structured, careful recruitment in care, says Novacare | recruit

Elderly abuse scandal highlights need for structured, careful recruitment in care, says Novacare | recruit

With doubt being cast upon the standards of care provided to the elderly due to shocking examples of abuse at the hands of some carers, UK care recruitment software company Novacare | recruit has highlighted the need for more stringent recruitment processes and regular training to safeguard against the abuse of the elderly.

This call has come following the comments from former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who is launching a campaign to install CCTV in every care home up and down the UK to safeguard residents.

There is currently no mandatory requirement for care homes to install and monitor CCTV in public areas. Mr Grieve believes that by doing so, care providers could better protect vulnerable residents at greater risk of abuse.

However, Novacare | recruit has stated that this may not be the best way forward, and has called for more thorough recruitment processes and training in addition to better safeguarding measures to ensure that all residents receive the standard of care expected.

Novacare| recruit director, Stephen Wilson said “The use of CCTV may seem like a good solution, but when you consider the thousands of care professionals in the UK who genuinely care for their charges and do a stellar job in providing them with the best possible care, it seems like a huge breach of confidence in their abilities and motivations.

“Of course, we want to safeguard residents against the risk of abuse, but by putting in place processes for careful, structured recruitment, care providers can employ only the best staff with the best interest of their residents at heart.”

Novacare | recruit has suggested that by sourcing and screening all candidates correctly, following up all references and putting in place an in-depth interview processes in line with current UK legislation, care homes and care providers will be better equipped to shortlist more suitable candidates and engage the best staff.

Along with regular training to improve skills and reinforce best practice, the risk of abuse of the elderly will be significantly reduced and staff will be empowered to do their jobs and continue to provide the best care available, rather than feel that they are under constant surveillance.

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