Electrical safety clothing specialist highlights the benefits of inherent fabric

Electrical safety clothing specialist highlights the benefits of inherent fabric

A leading provider of protective wear for electrical engineers is keen to advocate the benefits of professionals choosing garments that are composed of inherent fabrics while working in hazardous settings.

SKANWEAR, an established brand that specializes in clothing that offers effective protection against the devastating impact of electric shocks and arc flash, is citing the durable and protective qualities of inherent fabrics, which many of their garments are composed of.

Unlike treated fabrics, which undergo a lengthy process to ensure that they are flame resistant, inherent fabrics are already composed of fibers that are innately flame resistant. The fibres in inherent fabrics contain an FR polymer base, meaning that a topical treatment is not required in order to make them fire resistant.

Angus Long, Global Technical Manager said: “For anyone working in an environment where arc flash is a potential risk, choosing the right protective clothing is imperative to ensure that safety is maintained throughout.

“To put it in simple terms, Inherent fabric, regardless of age and washing will always provide the same level of protection. With Treated fabric, a simple analogy would to consider a pair of jeans. Dyed fabric will start to fade after numerous washes. FR Treatments also start to deteriorate when washed losing the protection it’s meant to provide. Inherent garments can provide workers with peace of mind and ongoing protection in the workplace.

“Within a matter of milliseconds, an arc flash can reach temperatures four times hotter than the surface of the sun so electrical engineers need to be confident that they are adequately protected in order to avoid the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.

“We can a provide those working in the electrical industry with a broad range of protective gear composed of inherent fabric which has exceptional fire resistant properties that will not be diminished through use or laundering, meaning that the product will remain effective and wearable for as long as the user requires it. “

SKANWEAR stocks a vast range of protective solutions including Hi-Viz jackets, helmets, goggles and respiratory equipment ideal for both hot and cold environments.

ARC Global Hi-Viz Overall (CL.1/ARC 2)

This Hi-Viz overall benefits from reflective stripes on the legs, arms, torso and shoulders. It also has an elasticated adjustable waistband, Easi-arm gusset and zipped leg gussets for added comfort.

For more information about SKANWEAR and their product range visit their website at: www.skanwear.com