Empowering Lambeth's Next Generation: Millennium Community Solutions Confirms Launch of Innovative Digital Education Hub

Empowering Lambeth’s Next Generation: Millennium Community Solutions Confirms Launch of Innovative Digital Education Hub

Living in one of the top 10 most dangerous London boroughs, the youth in Lambeth are vulnerable to recruitment into gangs. One organisation is here to change that by providing children with the unique skills to succeed in an increasingly digital world, helping to better prepare them for the world of work, and protecting them from the allure of gang culture – now, it’s entering the next phase of its work with an exciting new launch.


Millennium Community Solutions (MCS), which was founded by Rev Gail Thompson, a wheelchair user of 35 years due to MS, has reached an impressive milestone. The team have successfully taught over 3000 children, aged 5-11, to code in after-school coding centres situated throughout Lambeth. These centres, active five nights a week within council estates, have become a beacon of learning and opportunity for the community’s youngest members.


On the back of this remarkable achievement, MSC has confirmed the launch of a new digital hub to transform tech education in Lambeth. This project was made possible thanks to a collaboration with the Borough of Lambeth’s resident engagement team. It will open on December 7th at 3 pm at 1 Opal Street, Kennington SE11 4HZ.


From getting online and VR to coding and gaming, the hub will help to bridge the technology gap by providing essential skills training and safeguarding access to digital resources. The joint efforts of Lambeth Council and MCS have been instrumental in creating this transformative facility.


The Digital Hub will offer a constructive and engaging alternative for young people, steering them away from the danger of involvement with gangs. The hub has been designed as a safe and nurturing space and will host a variety of digital services, from beginner coding in Scratch to advanced programming in Python, HTML, and JavaScript. The tech setup at the hub will feature PS5 consoles and expansive TV screens for a fully immersive experience that aims to captivate young minds. Notably, all are services provided entirely free of charge.


MSC aims to foster an environment where children aged 5-11 can enjoy technology through both gaming and educational movie sessions, indoors and outdoors. MCS’s approach is 360, as these initiatives are part of a broader strategy to make technology exciting and accessible to all ages and encourage them to explore other tech-related skills, such as coding.


For more information, visit www.millenniumcommunitysolutions.com