English Company Launches Elite Football Boot with the Best of Italian Craftsmanship

English Company Launches Elite Football Boot with the Best of Italian Craftsmanship

An English company has launched an elite new football boot, composed of the finest kangaroo leather and handmade by Italian master craftsmen.

Sussex-based Allure Calcio taps into more than 70 years of football boot manufacturing skills and pairs the classic super soft, supple leather with some contemporary changes to make them current yet paying homage to their classic legacy.

Allure Calcio’s first boot to market is available in black (Nero) or white (Bianco), and a choice of firm or soft ground options, for the ultimate performance on grass surfaces. In a world first, the SG boot is equipped with GRPSTAR studs, widely regarded as the best studs on the market as standard, with the conversion carried out by Essex-based JD Conversions. The bespoke insole is made exclusively in Portugal for Allure Calcio.

With a clean design inspired by styles of old and present, the Allure Nero/Bianco is classic in design, with every last detail carefully considered to eke out maximum performance and comfort. From precise 4.55mm laces, an adaptable pebax sole suited for all weather conditions to anti-slip latex lining with carbon active latex to reduce odour and moisture in the insole.

For a leather boot, it’s incredibly light, comfortable and true to the brand’s motto of being the very best. Whether you like the stealthy all black look of the Nero or the wow factor look of the Bianco, both boots are hand crafted from kangaroo leather for a soft, flexible foot fit and increased durability.

Allure Calcio have delivered an elite boot which won’t look out of place on any pitch at any level of the game. Despite only being on the market for a matter of weeks, a number of professional coaches and players have taken to them as their boot of choice.

Rob Brown, Managing Director at Allure Calcio said, “We set out to create the very best football boots possible, partnering with an Italian manufacturer to make each boot by hand from the softest, supplest leather and paying exacting attention to every detail, right down to the width of the boot laces.

“Adaptable in all weather conditions thanks to kangaroo leather, the Nero and Bianco are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they fine tuned to enhance performance too, whether playing for fun on a Sunday morning or at Premier League level.

“We’re keen to work with clubs at all levels and make our boots the professional choice therefore we welcome any enquires to discuss future agreements.”

For more information on Allure Calcio, visit: www.allurecalcio.com