Entrepreneur Behind Innovative New Platform Reveals Story Behind the Business

Entrepreneur Behind Innovative New Platform Reveals Story Behind the Business

An entrepreneur has used his own experiences and challenges of launching a successful online selling business to create an innovative new tool that’ll help more ambitious people achieve their goals. Dropsys is the fresh platform that’s set to change the way online sellers manage and process their listings and sales, helping to speed up the time repetitive tasks take.

Inspired by his own obstacles, Zaid Arshed, Managing Director of Dropsys, set about creating a platform that removed common challenges for online sales. Intrigued by the idea of selling online without having to hold any stock, Zaid began drop-shipping on a part time basis at the tender age of 16. Once he graduated from university, he turned his focus to turning his current venture into a full time, successful business. Despite working 16-hour shifts, Zaid found he was only manging to add around 100 listings a day and it took months before his monthly sales broke the £10,000 mark.

While Zaid persevered and achieved success, he concluded that there must be a better, more efficient way of drop-shipping and Dropsys was born. Building on years of research and development, Dropsys is the platform crafted with online sellers in mind. The combination of tools and features are perfectly balanced to eliminate many of the common challenges entrepreneurs find themselves faced with.

Zaid said, “Despite hiring staff and working around the clock, I was still limited in what could be achieved in a single day in terms of product listings and knew there had to be an alternative. Our first attempt allowed us to upload 10,000 products in just a few hours but as the business continued to grow it became clear that we needed to refine the solution even further. The result was a database that allowed us to upload all our listing with just a few clicks and it’s this technology that powers Dropsys.”

Dropsys acts as both a supplier, with more than 10 million products for entrepreneurs to choose from, and a tool that makes laborious tasks effortless. Making the listing and order processes seamless, business men and women are able to dedicate more time to growing their sales and connecting with customers when they use Dropsys.

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