Entrepreneurial twenty-something launches free London magazine exploring culture and history in the capital

Entrepreneurial twenty-something launches free London magazine exploring culture and history in the capital

London tourists and commuters keen to learn more about the city and engage in some light reading will now be able to thanks to a brand new magazine that has just been released.

London Insight is a free publication distributed at all major London stations, businesses, hotels and restaurants, making it an ideal tool for city hoppers and explorers to grab in passing and reference when they are deciding how to fill their days.

The monthly printed magazine, which will also be available online, making it perfect for smartphone users, explores the history of London as well as the main attractions that the city has to offer. Whether visiting for a long weekend or just a day, readers can use the magazine to make informed decisions about the best areas to explore, as well as great places to eat, drink and attend exciting events.

Michael Hollyer, 29, Founder and Managing Director of London Insight said: “I launched this magazine because I wanted anyone visiting London to have an accessible source of information that could help them navigate their way around this thriving city. Thanks to the type of content that is included and the tone in which it has been written, the magazine is readable by all age groups.”

Tourism in London is continuing to boom and a record breaking 19 million people visited last year to head to popular attractions such as Big Ben and the London Eye. With the British Museum is still being hailed as the most popular visitor attraction in the whole of the UK, London Insight will give repeat visitors inspiration for other ways to fill their days in the city.

Hollyer continues: “It was important to me to create something that could be read and accessed by Londoners themselves. Perhaps they’re commuting to work or attending a business meeting at a popular hotel or restaurant. Either way, they can easily flick through the magazine and catch up on celebrity news, as well as trends in nutrition and business coaching.”

There are currently 100,000 copies of the magazine in circulation, with aspirations for the magazine to reach a quarter-of-a-million copies by June.

Keen to appeal to the aesthetic interests of readers today, the magazine will also feature a hair, beauty and fashion blog as well as games for both adults and children to enjoy, perfect for passing the time on tube rides.

For more information about the magazine visit: www.londoninsight.co.uk