Environmentally-Conscious Accessories Creator Pledges To Save 1 Million Plastic Bottles from Landfill

Environmentally-Conscious Accessories Creator Pledges To Save 1 Million Plastic Bottles from Landfill

Eco Chic, a fun and quirky brand of colourful and creative reusable bottles, bags and coffee cups is celebrating the launch of its new website with an impressive range of bags created using 100% recycled plastic.

As champions of the natural environment, Eco Chic aims to provide earth-friendly solutions which reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill. Its range of bottles, coffee cups and bags are all reusable.

Products that often end up discarded after a single use make up the Eco Chic product range in a bid to help the environment and stop plastic waste. The accessories designer has launched a new range of bags ideal for anything from shopping trips and weekends away to family picnics.

All Eco Chic bags are made entirely from 100% recycled plastic, saving between one and six plastic bottles from landfill per unit. The benefits of Eco Chic bags also extend further, as they remove the need for single-use plastic bags for groceries – the durable designs are created using exact attention to detail and are tough enough to stand up to the weekly grocery shop with ease.

The Eco Chic Lightweight Foldable Reusable Shopping Bag with cute floral print is a firm favourite with eco-conscious shoppers. Made from 100% recycled PET materials, the sturdy design comes with a 6-month warranty for additional peace of mind.

Eco Chic’s thermal bottle collection is also created from 100% recycled materials and features an array of cute and colourful designs to keep the contents hot or cold. BPA-free, leakproof and holding up to 500ml of liquid, hot drinks can be kept steaming for 12 hours, while chilled beverages remain cool for 24 hours. Easy to clean and the perfect accessory to match an Eco Chic bag, they also make ideal gifts for any age group.

Austin Lee, Managing Director for Eco Chic said, “As a company, we have pledged to save a million bottles from landfill by the end of the year. We are committed to reducing our plastic footprint throughout our supply chain. From supply and delivery of the raw material, to shipment to our retail stores, we use as little plastic as possible. At the same time, we love to create funky, colourful, and reusable accessories that everyone from school children to caffeine junkies will enjoy.”

To find out more about Eco Chic and to view the current range of thermal bottles, bags, rain gear and bamboo cups, visit: https://eco-chic.shop/