eSIM: Unleashing a Green Revolution with a Whopping 46% Reduction in Carbon Footprints

eSIM: Unleashing a Green Revolution with a Whopping 46% Reduction in Carbon Footprints

Each year, nearly 5 billion SIM cards are produced. From manufacturing SIM cards to shipping them to customers, SIM card production contributes to global waste and carbon emissions. One start-up is here to revolutionize travel by providing travelers with a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional SIM cards with the eSIM.

Each time users switch SIM cards when changing mobile network operators, it contributes to an increase in plastic waste. eSIMs allow for the digital loading of SIM data worldwide, reducing plastic waste and its devastating environmental impact. Gohub, an innovative travel start-up, provides travelers with eSIMs, as a sustainable alternative to their plastic counterparts.

The plastic SIM card has a carbon footprint of 229 grams during its three-year lifetime, compared to the eSIM’s carbon footprint of 123 grams. Switching to an eSIM, therefore, results in a carbon footprint reduction of 46%. Not only does eSIM technology eliminate the need for plastic packaging, it reduces the reliance on air shipments.

Indeed, the environmental benefits of eSims are substantial. Not only do they help conserve resources and reduce harmful waste, but they also result in cost savings for companies in terms of labor, materials, and production and processing time.

Seiko Bao, Chief Growth Officer of Gohub, emphasizes the profound impact of this technology: “We believe that the evolution from physical SIM cards to digital eSIM technology marks a shift in consumer behavior. More than 50% of our current customers have switched to using eSIM in 2023.”

For mobile network operators, the benefits are also clear, as they can sell eSIMs digitally. This negates the need for customers to visit physical MNO stores or order physical cards online, saving on labor and shipment costs.

Gohub offers eSIMs for more than 100 countries and regions on 4G/5G. They have provided eSIMs to more than 150,000 travelers and 200+ travel agencies and corporations to travel the world. With varied data packages and 24/7 support, their customers can stay connected while travelling around the world.

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