EverBlock Introduces Two New Systems to Facilitate COVID-Secure Future

EverBlock Introduces Two New Systems to Facilitate COVID-Secure Future

The innovative team behind the revolutionary EverBlock building system is supporting organisations as they work to create COVID-secure environments through the introduction of two brand new safety systems. With restrictions beginning to ease, and more and more employees heading back to the workplace, the new EverShield and EverScreen portable partitioning systems are designed to facilitate reopening while simultaneously keeping both staff and visitors safe and socially distanced to reduce the risk of viral transmission.

The EverShield system is a new, portable, freestanding partition system that has been designed to streamline foot traffic in schools, hotels, public buildings, and any indoor environment with long hallways or corridors. The panels can be moved and positioned as required, creating necessary protective barriers and dividers to direct traffic flow and maintain distancing.

The EverScreen system is a portable, freestanding partitioning panel system with integrated sneeze guard screens. These ¼ inch thick acrylic and polycarbonate panels are designed for use in environments where optimal distancing of 2+ metres cannot always be maintained, such as salons, clinics, factories, restaurants, and store checkouts. The sneeze guard panels help to reduce the spread of airborne particles while also offering a modern and stylish way to divide large spaces and create private spaces as needed.

Joe Plosky, Everblock® UK Director said, “While the UK is well on its way to returning to normal, it is clear that we cannot rely on pre-COVID-19 practices to facilitate the safe and secure reopening of many industries and sectors. Schools especially are proving to be a major challenge, with unions suggesting that maintaining safety and appropriate distancing will create a major obstacle even under the recent easing of regulations to one metre.

“This period of recovery has formed an opportunity for us to expand our expertise in building and partitioning to create a range of new, portable, freestanding safety systems which can be implemented quickly, erected where needed, and be easily downscaled or removed as we transition through the different stages of the planned roadmap to recovery in the UK.”

The latest update from the UK Government has seen social distancing regulations drop from two metres to a ‘one metre plus’ guideline in order to enable more organisations to reopen while remaining legally compliant. However, social distancing in what are traditionally social spaces, such as schools, hotel lobbies, convention centres, museums, libraries, and even some office spaces is still proving to be an obstacle. Portable partitioning systems can provide an affordable yet high quality solution during challenging times.

The EverShield system comes in an extensive range of standard sizes, from 6’6” high by 4’ long to 6’6” high by 10’ long, with custom panel sizes available upon request to suit all environments. The panels are available in a completely clear or solid white vinyl option, with the choice to mix and match as required. The panels are simple to install where needed, with the fabric sleeves fitting easily over the PVC-coated, durable metal framing system.

The EverScreen partitioning system includes even more choice. Available in 24”, 36”, and 48” widths, organisations can choose between clear panels or solid colour options. Colour choices include white, grey, and bronze, along with bolder and brighter options such as red, green, yellow, and orange.

Both EverBlock systems are available now.

To find out more about EverBlock, visit www.everblocksystems.co.uk