Everblock system cuts costs for UK companies with bespoke storage solutions

Everblock system cuts costs for UK companies with bespoke storage solutions

Hundreds of UK businesses have partnered with Modular Building Blocks to create practical and cost-effective storage solutions. The innovative Everblock system has eased logistical problems by allowing British companies to build robust, semi-permanent structures quickly and easily.

Director of Modular Building Blocks, Joseph Plosky said “Finding sufficient storage is a major issue for a lot of companies but the versatility of Everblocks provides a unique solution. We’ve helped retailers, construction companies and office managers across the country utilise their space by creating bespoke storage units. Our new hire service has also allowed companies in need of temporary storage to avoid high costs and long-term purchases. Modular building blocks can be used in any size space which is why they are such a popular choice for UK companies.”

The Everblock system has been used by construction companies and contractors to build tool sheds and equipment storage units. The blocks are made from hi-impact Co-Polymer, making them ideal for use on construction sites. The modular design of the blocks allows contractors to deconstruct the storage unit when a job is completed and rebuild it on a new site.

Everblocks have also been put to use in the tertiary sector, providing storage, shelving and desktop space. The wide range of colours and sizes available means the blocks can be adapted to different interior design styles. Accessories such as wooden, glass and metal countertops provide a practical and sleek finish suitable for commercial and clerical work environments.

The durability of modular building blocks is their defining feature and the Co-Polymer is also UV-resistant which means the blocks won’t fade or degrade if used outdoors. Bulk purchases and hiring options are available to companies in need of large-scale or bespoke storage solutions.

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