Everblocks are helping companies keep staff motivated with creative working environments

Everblocks are helping companies keep staff motivated with creative working environments

The official exclusive agent of Everblocks in the UK, Modular Building Blocks has been helping companies across the country to boost productivity and motivation amongst staff by providing creative, bespoke interior design solutions which increase workspace and add more colour in order to boost morale.

Studies have shown that the layout and design of offices and workspaces can have a direct impact on how motivated employees are. If the working environment doesn’t cater to the needs of employees, overall productivity can suffer. Modular building blocks provide a practical and cost-effective way of creating bespoke furniture for working environments across all industries including offices, retail units and warehouses. The anti-break co-polymer blocks can be used to create rigid semi-permanent fixtures.

Managing Director at Modular Building Blocks, Joe Plosky said “We understand how important it is for employees to get to work and feel comfortable in their surroundings. We have already brought the magic of Everblocks to businesses and office buildings around the UK and are now looking to help more companies discover the benefits of using modular building blocks to improve employee experiences. The blocks can be used to create everything from shelving to desks but also provide an interactive environment element in the workplace that allows employees to be creative.”

Feedback suggests that there’s more to optimising a working environment than providing a lot of space, however. Employees need to be in a comfortable and creative place in order to do their best work. Everything from colour to lighting can impact this. Everblocks can be used for more than just a practical storage solution or workspace. They provide a way for employers to add a unique style to their buildings and develop a more creative working environment.

Modular Building Blocks offers a wide range of Everblock products including different sizes and colours, flooring tiles and accessories. The UV-resistant material ensures that the blocks are long-lasting and can be used indoors and outside. They are available for purchase in a range of different packages and can also be hired for a specific length of time.

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