Everblocks take YouTube by storm with modular build videos

Everblocks take YouTube by storm with modular build videos

The revolutionary modular building system, Everblocks has cemented its social media status with a flood of videos racking up combined viewing figures of millions of people. The system is seeing its YouTube profile skyrocket after vidoes showcasing the versatility and practicality of Everblocks in domestic, commercial and industrial environments wowed design and interiors fans around the world.

Modular Building Blocks UK is also building its own YouTube following with a series of creative project videos. Joseph Plosky, director of the UK Everblock distributor said “Everblocks applications are limitless and we’re really enjoying sharing some of the unique projects and designs they’ve featured in with the community. The feedback we’ve had on YouTube has been incredible with millions of video views. We’ve really enjoyed seeing new build videos from clients and it seems like there is a lot of interest in modular building as a new construction method. Our new hire system has also helped us bring the versatility of Everblocks to more people so hopefully, there will be plenty more videos to come.”

Since bringing Everblocks to the UK market, Modular Building Blocks has expanded into industries such as retail, education, construction and interior design. A number of popular YouTube channels have published reviews and shared build videos showcasing their Everblocks creations. One review video from Tech Times T-Lounge has already generated 20,500 views by showcasing how Everblocks can be used to create unique and practical furniture.

Shelving, computer desks, pop-up cafés and giant castles are some of the many other Everblock builds to be featured on YouTube. Millions more viewers are now switching on to the benefits of using modular building blocks as a semi-permanent design alternative. The modular design means that users can break down structures and start new projects from the ground up. The blocks are made from hi-impact Co-Polymer which has allowed them to be used for intensive projects in a range of outdoor and indoor environments.

As the leading UK distributor of Everblocks, Modular Building Blocks offers a wide range of colours, sizes and accessories. The blocks are available for purchase and higher, with price dependant on the size of the order. The online 3D design interface also allows users to create virtual designs before placing an order.

To find out more visit modularbuildingblocks.co.uk/.