EverPanel Launch Smoothes the Path for Sustainable Public Sector Response to COVID-19 Distancing

EverPanel Launch Smoothes the Path for Sustainable Public Sector Response to COVID-19 Distancing

A new modular walling system from the creative brand behind the best-selling EverBlock® universal building blocks has launched to smooth the path to sustainability for public sector organisations in a post COVID-19 environment.

EverPanel is a highly configurable, naturally hygienic modular wall system which has infinite applications and can be reused endlessly in all kinds of spaces. The interlocking walls can be quickly constructed to form physical barriers, portion off space for private offices or consultation and treatment rooms, segment offices into socially distanced cubicles and used to delineate traffic flow in public spaces by creating immediate temporary corridors.

A flexible, affordable and above all sustainable solution, EverPanel affords public sector facilities management teams with the wherewithal to make buildings safe for use.

Joe Plosky, Everblock® UK Director said, “EverPanel fibreglass modular panels can be installed in minutes thanks to a proprietary interlocking lug and connector system. They can be used as partitions or deployed to create rooms with doors, sleeping pods, offices, nursing stations, storage areas and divide spaces as required to enable social distancing in a wide range of settings. They are the ideal public sector solution thanks to their immense flexibility and very quick installation and demounting.”

EverPanel modular walls don’t require drilling or other intrusive installation, meaning the building can continue to be used without disrupting users as controlled areas and social distancing spaces are created. The panels can be moved as needed, reconfigured and deployed in other areas as temporary or permanent solutions on demand, making them incredibly sustainable. The panels can be disinfected and wiped clean after use to maintain good standards of hygiene.

To find out more about EverPanel, visit www.Everpanels.co.uk