EverPanel Modular Wall System Offers Smart, Hygienic Solution for Healthcare Settings

EverPanel Modular Wall System Offers Smart, Hygienic Solution for Healthcare Settings

Healthcare settings grappling with the need to reconfigure existing buildings can now use a unique modular wall system to create temporary multiperson treatment rooms and partition off space for needs such as administration as EverPanel arrives in the UK.

The US-designed modular panels are lightweight, sanitary dividing walls with a proprietary interlocking lug and connector system that require no special tools to assemble and dismantle. The panels can economically divide rooms, create treatment spaces and offices or define new areas for specific use quickly and easily, then be moved and reconfigured as needs change.

Joe Plosky, Everblock® UK Director said, “Everpanels modular wall panels are uniquely suited to healthcare settings, with their flexibility and ease of construction and movement vital at this critical time of change. They are ideal for setting up dedicated, safe, socially-distanced spaces for virus testing, flu testing, vaccination jabs, boosters health assessments, consultations and non-invasive treatments.

“The modular Everpanel system allows for full customisation so the modular treatment room can be designed to meet the needs of the existing building and then as the situation evolves and social distancing rules are relaxed, the panels can be removed, left in place or repurposed.”

Panels are available in a range of colours and can have vital information such as hygiene guidelines, signage and distancing requirements affixed to them. Crucially for the healthcare space, they can be wiped down with detergent and disinfectant without any damage to the surface of the panel.

The panels are also fire tested to ASTM E-84 at Class C and have strong sound dampening properties, allowing for total privacy.

To find out more about EverPanel, visit www.Everpanels.co.uk