Evidence based book set to shake up the health industry scene

Evidence based book set to shake up the health industry scene

A transformative new book that comprises decades of experience from two of the UK’s best known personal trainers will challenge the health fads and fitness marketing ploys that are commonplace in today’s wellness industry.

Transform for Life, has been written by husband and wife team Daniel and Alexandra Bartlett.

The pair are the brains behind Team Body Project, a workout brand that provides real people with realistic fitness plans to help them achieve their long-term goals. They aim to empower individuals to develop a relationship with movement and nutrition that will change the way they view health forever.

Alexandra Bartlett, founder of Team Body Project said: “Every single day the public is exposed to convenient but inaccurate fads and marketing ploys such as ‘clean eating’ and ‘paleo living’ polished messages that are ultimately subjective, often with little or no scientific basis.

“What we have done with this book is cut through the buzzwords and address the real issues when it comes to fitness and health. I have worked in the fitness industry since the age of 16 and health has always played an important role in my life. Similarly, my partner Daniel is an experienced gym owner, personal trainer and life coach.

“By combining our knowledge, experience and passion for this industry, we have created a book that is based on evidence -bridging the gap between what the marketers of health products want you to know, and what science actually has to say about it.”

Transform for Life by Daniel and Alexandra Bartlett: available for pre-sale on amazon now: