Over-excited freshers encouraged to step away from the bar and pay attention to their health using new infographic

Over-excited freshers encouraged to step away from the bar and pay attention to their health using new infographic

Disorientated freshers taking their first steps towards independence are receiving some reassurance in the form of an infographic that highlights common health concerns they are likely to experience during their time at university.

Dr Felix, an online doctor and pharmacy service, has produced the colourful graphic with students in mind, offering guidance on a number of ailments that they may fall victim to whilst living away from home, including the infamous freshers flu, insomnia and joint sprains.

Tamsin Nicholson, Health Editor at Dr Felix said, “Moving away to university is an exciting and equally terrifying experience for freshers, who are likely to be away from their parents and living alone for the first time. Without the comforts of home and their watchful parents keeping an eye on their wellbeing, many will allow their health to suffer. With studies and social events to contend with, health can take a backseat for some of these youngsters leading to concerns ranging from STIs to flu, depression to eating disorders.

“We’ve devised this useful A to Z of student health infographic as a quick and easy guide for students to refer to. We want new university students to be aware of some of the common illnesses, both mental and physical, that they may experience during their three or four years of study, how to best combat them and where to seek help. University should be a fun and fulfilling experience for everyone who attends. Being vigilant about their health will ensure students go the distance, have the best possible time and come out with the grades that they deserve.”

As well as touching on things like STIs and liver damage which many students are likely to experience due to all the wild flat parties and fresher events set to take place up and down the country this week, the infographic also offers timely guidance on mental health concerns.

Studies reveal that 87% of first year students find the transition to university life hard, with many saying that balancing work and studies is a challenge. Providing guidance and support for freshers and all students concerning their mental health couldn’t be more important – and this often starts with encouraging awareness and teaching youngsters how to recognise the warning signs.

For the novice cook who hasn’t quite mastered how to use a frying pan yet, there is also a section on kitchen related burns.

Check out the infographic and find out more about Dr Felix’s services here: https://www.drfelix.co.uk/the-a-z-of-student-health/