Exclusive European Skincare Spa Brand Persatique to Launch in UK

Exclusive European Skincare Spa Brand Persatique to Launch in UK

The exclusive European spa skincare brand, Persatique will launch in the UK this month, bringing its ultra luxurious, couture-approach to skincare to British shores. Made in Switzerland, the exclusive brand has previously only been available to private clients and five-star spas but will be available to exacting beauty mavens from February via its newly launched UK website.

Founded by Austrian skincare guru Charlotte Barclay, the Persatique collection has stayed true to its incredibly exclusive roots by focusing its UK launch on two premium products; the Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day Cream and Persatique Ultra Enhancing Night Cream. Both exacting formulas are packed with the very best anti-aging, hydrating ingredients, leaving skin silky soft, touchably smooth and glowing with health.

A skincare aficionado since her teens, Persatique founder Charlotte Barclay has poured six decades of skincare knowhow into her deluxe collection, initially working solely with private clients to hand craft her nourishing day and night creams, before expanding into Europe’s most exclusive spas to finally, offering her skincare line to women around the world.

“What started as a pastime for me has grown into an international business, where I now have the opportunity to introduce even more women to quality products that actually work,” said Charlotte. “Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day and Night Creams are more than an indulgent luxury, they are an investment in a woman’s youthful skin and overall confidence and I am delighted to finally launch my collection in the UK.”

The Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day Cream is a multi-benefit light emulsion, which dramatically moisturizes, smoothes, soothes and revitalizes skin, while helping to protect against stress, the signs of aging, cold and dryness.

The Persatique Ultra Enhancing Night Cream contains a highly concentrated blend of anti-aging ingredients and lipid-replenishing complex, which effectively restores the protective layer and helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function.

Tests have proven both moisturizers effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while also making skin feel smoother, more moisturised and utterly revitalized leaving skins more radiant and with a youthful appearance.

Made in Switzerland, Persatique skincare products are made in small batches to ensure optimum quality and five-star standards.

Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day Cream and Persatique Ultra Enhancing Night Cream are available to purchase online for £298 and £338, respectively.  For a limited time only, both the Day Cream and Night Cream can be purchased for £560, a £76 discount, including free UK delivery.

To find out more, visit http://www.persatique.com