Exhibition Experts PrintDesigns Give Some Tips for Trade Shows

Exhibition Experts PrintDesigns Give Some Tips for Trade Shows

PrintDesigns, one the leading print and display companies in the UK, has released a series of tips for exhibitors planning for the big expos and exhibitions across Europe in the autumn.

“We know that firms are finalising their look ahead of the industry trade shows that dominate the autumn,” said Mark Thompson, Managing Director for PrintDesigns. “Since technology has disrupted so much of the traditional exhibition look, we thought it was important that firms know they have to try something different.”

PrintDesigns’ tips turn regular trade show stalls into objects of interest to staff manning the stall and trade show attendees alike. They suggest extra displays to turn attendees’ heads, such as air displays that hang from the ceiling or even circular structures which display company logos without taking up valuable floorspace.

So much of trade shows are about attracting people to booths, which is where PrintDesigns’ freestanding lightboxes come in. Since lightboxes are lit from inside by a fluorescent tube, they appear to glow. At the hundreds of trade shows they’ve supplied products to, they have found that this sight, which looks apart from the norm, attracts more curious visitors to the booth.

Using fabric displays may not be an immediately obvious choice to many firms attending trade shows, but in PrintDesigns’ experience not many other companies choose to use it as a material. The simple act of making a booth look immediately different from competitors can draw crowds in from over the trade show floor.

PrintDesigns also stocks trade show accessories such as lighting, cases, tablet and TV holders, literature racks, promotional giveaways like pens and badges, and more.

By keeping both trade show staff and attendees in mind when designing their product ranges, PrintDesigns has established itself as one of the leading companies in the UK for print and design work for major exhibitions.

To see more of their products, ranges and services, visit https://www.printdesigns.com/.